SA Statutes


An association is hereby established under the name of “International Committee on Monuments and Sites – National Committee of South Africa”, hereafter ICOMOS-SA.

The Secretariat of ICOMOS-SA shall be located in and provided by the Head office component of the South African Heritage Resources Agency.  This arrangement may be changed by a decision of the General Assembly on recommendation of the Executive Committee.


2.1. Chapter: A Provincial Chapter as determined by provision of these statutes.

2.2. Executive: The Executive of ICOMOS-SA as determined by provisions of these statutes.

2.3. General Assembly: The General Assembly as determined by provisions of these statutes.

2.4. Heritage Resources: Shall include –

2.4.1.    all structures (together with their settings and pertinent fixtures and contents) which are of value from an historical, artistic,  architectural, scientific or traditional point of view, archaeological nature; cave dwellings and rock art and all combinations of such

2.4.2.    all groups of separate or connected buildings and their surroundings, whether urban or rural, which, because of their architecture, homogeneity or place in the landscape are of value from an historical, aesthetic, scientific, social and anthropological point of view.

2.4.3.    all topographical areas and landscapes, the work of man or the combined work of nature and of man, including parks and gardens, which are of value from an archaeological, historical, aesthetic or anthropological point of view, but shall exclude –

2.4.4.sites associated with intangible heritage;

2.4.5.archaeological and other artifacts and collections conserved and exhibited away from the site on which they were removed and museums.

2.5    ICOMOS: the International Council for Monuments and Sites


ICOMOS-SA shall be affiliated to ICOMOS and be concerned with furthering the conservation, protection and rehabilitation of heritage resources in South Africa and liaison and co-operation between individuals and organizations working in the field both nationally and internationally.

ICOMOS-SA shall:

3.1.Provide mechanisms for linking public authorities, private conservation
Bodies and trusts, educational institutions and individuals concerned with conservation of heritage resources and to ensure representation of their interests at national and international level.

3.2.Gather study and disseminate information concerning principles, techniques
and policies for the conservation, preservation, protection, rehabilitation and enhancement of heritage resources.

3.3.Co-operate at national and international level in the creation and
development of documentation centres and systems dealing with the conservation and protection of heritage resources, and with the study and practice of traditional and historical building techniques.

3.4.Encourage the adoption and implementation of international
recommendations and conventions concerning heritage resources.

3.5.Co-operate in the creation and promotion of training programmes for
specialists in heritage conservation, heritage resources management and the management and administration of institutions in this field.

3.6.Establish and maintain close co-operation with ICOMOS and other relevant
UNESCO agencies, the Southern African Development Community Association for Museums and Monuments (SADCAMM) and other local, provincial , national, regional and international bodies and organizations which pursue similar goals.

3.7. Encourage and instigate other activities consistent with these statutes.


4.1.ICOMOS-SA shall be composed of three categories of member:

4.1.1.     Individual Membership: shall be open to any individual engaged in conservation of heritage resources, including, as appropriate, scientists, architects, town planners, historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, archivists, administrators, managers and those who serve on the governing bodies of institutions which are entitled to institutional membership.  Individual membership may also be accorded those retired from employment in such capacities.

4.1.2.Institutional Membership: shall be open to:     any institutions of whatever nature concerned with the      conservation, protection, restoration, rehabilitation or management of historical resources, or which provides training in this regard,    institutions which own, occupy or otherwise have in their charge heritage resources,    other institutions which devote all or part of their activity to one or more of the objectives listed above in relation to heritage resources.

4.1.3.Corporate Membership: shall be open to any individual or institution
wishing to support the aims and activities of ICOMOS or to contribute to national and international co-operation in the field of the conservation of heritage resources.

4.2. All members shall, on an annual basis and on dates and via a method determined by the Executive, pay such dues as shall be set by the Executive for the year in question and on the proviso that such dues may not be lower than the ICOMOS dues for the relevant category of membership.

4.3.  All paid up members shall have the right to attend, participate and vote in the
General Assembly.

4.4.A member of ICOMOS-SA shall cease to be a member:

4.4.1.  upon death or registration from the organisation.

4.4.2.if the Executive resolves to discontinue a members membership for non-
payment of dues, or other good cause.


5.1.  The Executive of ICOMOS-SA shall be composed of the following persons
drawn from amongst the corps of ‘Individual Members’:

5.1.1.  Elected members: Chairperson Vice-Chairperson Treasurer Two additional members.

5.1.2.  A Secretary (who need not be a member of ICOMOS-SA)

5.1.3.  A Past-Chairperson, to which position the Chairperson shall retire
upon the election of a new Executive.

5.1.4.  The convenor of each Chapter, who may also be elected members,
but may not have more than one vote on the Executive.

5.2.  Appointment of the Executive:

A new Executive shall take office at the conclusion of each General

5.2.1.  Elections:

The five elected members shall be determined via a process of secret postal voting, with each member having the right to select five members; ballot papers being dispatched no later than 30 days prior to the General Assembly the electoral officer and two witnesses appointed by the General Assembly, will count the votes and announce the results of the election.

5.2.2.Written nominations of paid up individual members, including a
nominator and seconder and indication of consent to standard for election on the part of the nominee, shall be made in writing to an ‘Electoral Officer’ appointed by the outgoing Executive, called for at least 60 days prior to the General Assembly and received not later than a date stipulated prior to the General Assembly.

5.2.3.Conveners of Chapters shall be elected in terms of the statutes of the Chapter they represent.

5.2.4.  Immediately following an election the elected members, Convenors of Chapters and Past-Chairperson shall meet to:  elect from amongst the five elected members the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Treasurer. a Secretary.

5.2.5.  In the event of the resignation of an elected member of the
Executive the remaining members choose a replacement from
amongst the paid up individual members of ICOMOS-SA.  Where
necessary it shall then elect from amongst the elected members a person to fill the position of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson or Treasurer.

5.2.6No person may serve more than three consecutive terms on the Executive.

5.3.  Duties of the Executive:

5.3.1.  The Chairperson of ICOMOS-SA shall convene the General Assembly and meetings of the Executive and shall preside at meetings of the Executive.

5.3.2.The Vice-Chairperson shall perform the above functions in the Absence of the Chairperson.

5.3.3.The Treasurer shall, with the assistance of the Secretariat, be responsible for the financial affairs of ICOMOS-SA which shall include:  The arranging of an annual audit of the books of the organization.  Preparation of an annual budget for approval by the Executive. of an annual balance sheet to the Executive and, when it meets, the General Assembly. with two other signatories nominated by the Executive, the authorization of expenditure according to instructions of the Executive.

5.3.4.  The Executive shall:  handle all matters concerning:  the day to day running of ICOMOS-SA.  liaison with ICOMOS.  the promotion of the aims and objectives of ICOMOS and ICOMOS-SA.  determine the financial year of the organization.  approve the statutes of Chapters.

5.3.5.    Meetings of the Executive:

The Executive shall meet at lest once a year and twice in the year of a
General Assembly and may handle its business by long distance communication, provided that decisions made in such fashion are endorsed at the next meeting of the Executive.

The quorum at meetings of the Executive shall be half the current members plus one.


A General Assembly of individual members, and representatives of institutional and corporate members shall be convened once every three years.

The agenda for the General Assembly shall include the following:

6.1.  Election of an Executive.

6.2  Adoption of a Chairperson’s report and examination of the activities of the
organization and its chapters since the preceding General Assembly.

6.3.  The adoption of resolutions from the floor.

6.4.  Other business and discussion of which due notice has been given.


Should they so wish and where it will promote the aims, objectives and activities of ICOMOS-SA, five or more individual members may, subject the following, form a Chapter of ICOMOS-SA:

7.1.  Statutes and amendments to the statutes of each Chapter may not conflict
with the provisions f these statutes and must be submitted to and approved
by the Executive before they must be implemented.

7.2.  Each Chapter shall be chaired by a Convenor and run by a committee elected in a manner similar to the Executive.

7.3.  Only members of ICOMOS-SA may be members of and participate in the activities of a Chapter.

7.4.The boundaries of the area served by a Chapter shall be determined by the Executive, but must conform to the boundaries of one or more of South Africa.


ICOMOS-SA shall be a corporate body with perpetual succession and shall, subject to the provisions of these statutes or any other law, be capable in law of suing and being sued, of purchasing or otherwise acquiring, holding, hiring, letting, exchanging, selling or otherwise alienating movable and immovable property, of entering into contracts and generally of doing or performing such acts and things as bodies corporate may by South African law do and perform.

The liability of each members shall be limited to his/her subscription and to any other debt owing by such member to ICOMOS-SA.


Any amendments of these statutes is subject to adoption by two-thirds majority of members present and voting at a General Assembly.